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Hey guys,

My friend is needing a little extra cash and bought two subs and an amp about 2 years ago that has just been sitting around in his garage and I've come to the point of wanting a better/louder system myself so we talked a deal; no price is set though. My system is made up of two random combinations, 2 of these and my amp is an old one a friend found in his shop

The subs that my friend has are 2 and the amp is
They were enclosed in a ported box at one point but they didn't fit in his BMW so he decided to cut the box in half and still never put it to use. I could maybe salvage the box but I would rather make my own to fit my caliber cargo area and do away with the now destroyed box that he currently has the subs in.

So the deal stands at his 2 kickers and his kicker amp and I will trade my set up and pay whatever the difference is. I know that the guys on this forum seem to be against Kicker because you have more fine tuned ears to this sort of stuff but to me, bass is bass. I in no way mean any offense by that! I suppose the term is SQ
I mean, if it can get better, I would love to make that move!

So my questions are
1. How good of a combo are his two 12" kickers and his kicker amp?
2. How much are they worth being 2 years old and in a possibly ruined box? He said just find the price of the subs and amp alone.
3. At what price should I pay for the system if I am trading him my old set up as well?

Thanks for any help or guidance! I'll answer any questions you guys have!
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