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Cleaning the Engine Area.

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Everyone I ask around our small town tells me I cannot clean the inside of the area because of all the electronics. One way my parents used to do it was to pressure wash the inside, but that was with a 1989 Van. Is there something special to do to get it spotless? Or not? Cause I am buying some accessories for in there and want it to look good.
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Get yourself some Simple Green. Spray it on the surfaces and let it soak a little, then use the hose (without sprayer attachment) and lightly rinse it off. The electronics are for the most part protected from the elements, but direct high pressure water can still force its way where it's best to not have it go.
Alright, I'll use the light setting on the sprayer (Since it is perm attached), and make sure to not go hard on it. But overall the engine/everything else is airtight?
Yep! Simple Green and low water pressure. I use a paint brush to get into the hard to reach places.
I clean the engine compartment on cars on a daily basis with a pressure washer and have yet to have a problem. Just turn the car on before you spray water on it
i use the pressure washer at the car wash...i just stand back a good distance so it more or less mists over the engine rather than blasts it..
Awesome. I'll do that next time I head to the Car Wash, because the dealer when changing the oil seemed to have missed the filler hole.. by a foot...
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