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Take it to an Autozone or other parts store and have them read it. The key dance only works with some codes. When you get the code, post it here and I'll look it up in the repair manual and post the fix.
Prop - I just picked up my car and I got P0456-evap System Small Leak.

A short history on my CELs:
#1 - invalid code or something, *i never got the paperwork so I really have no idea*
#2 - Small Emission Leak - got new gas cap
#3 - Same as above - replaced surge valve
$4 - P0456-evap System Small Leak - ordered a new charcoal cannister (is on backorder)

I think that is all. :str:(Note I just got the car in March, it has been at the shop more than in my driveway) But I do love the car. :Racing:
1 - 4 of 8 Posts
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