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Camshaft positioner

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Hi there could you tell me where I can find camshaft positioner sensor on Caliber 2.0 crd RHD 2009
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Hello good.
You have it located on the flywheel, right between the engine and the gearbox.
Right on the crankshaft seal
The clutch bell really goes inside but with patience it can be changed from the outside with patience.
Its engine, in case you want to ask in a workshop, is a Volkswagen 2.0 TDI BKD engine, although the initials are BSY+Serial, it is the same as the 2006 BKD

I'm sorry I misread your question but I still leave the other sensor, the camshaft one. You have the sensor just behind the pulley located on the timing belt. In the first, the one on the opposite side has the tandem pump. You have to remove the plastic cover of the distribution.


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Thank you I have look.
Good again.

I just found this video that although it is in Spanish, it is clearly seen where the sensor and its connection are located. It is a Volkswagen BKD cousin to the Dodge Caliber. The only thing that is not worth the VAGCOM APP for the caliber.

Before changing, look at the type of connection terminal that is very clean.

The cam pulley is not fixed since it has about 5 degrees approx.

-2,-1.0,+1+2 for the advance or retreat of the opening of the pump injector. If it is very out of phase, for example +3 0 -3, the motor will not start because it is out of phase.

But to see that you will have to use the official diagnostic machine. In Volkswagen you can use Vagcom but in this case I doubt it will work.

Another option is to loosen the three screws on the pulley and move the central screw forward or backward until it starts and see the behavior of the motor.

But if you don't know very well what you are dealing with, it is better not to touch it and leave it in the hands of a professional.


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