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Caliber race car, supercharger update

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I took the Caliber to the engine tuner yesterday to get the supercharger finalized.

Before adding the supercharger we had 180hp and now we are at 230hp. The car drives great!

We had to add a new map sensor and fuel injectors. Our tuner used HP Tuners.

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Injectors: Matched set of 4 injectors 650cc/min

Map sensor:
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Awesome man and that graph looks good! Im still looking for a tuner around her in GA but no luck.= ( Did you use the stock ECM?
Awesome man. I gotta find someone to help me as i am kinda burnt out lol. hopefully i can find a good shop like that = )
So when is the next time you guys going to race? also is it ever streamed?
How did it go? I was watching another cars live stream for a while.
1 - 5 of 17 Posts