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New to this forum. I got a pretty clean 2008 Caliber with 163k miles a few months ago as a gift for some work I did for a great and generous friend. (He gave $300 for it.) The previous owner could not get it smogged here in California. I checked the codes and changed out the defective intake manifold runner control valve. They had tried to fix it with an aftermarket part, but I guess it wasn't compatible with the computer and it didn't clear the P2016 check engine code. I started down the rabbit hole and paid the DMV fees ($125), bought an OEM part from the dealer ($150), and it worked fine. (That really needs to be a dealer part.) After that, no more trouble codes.... EXCEPT... The "EGR System Monitoring - INC". With 9 of the 10 monitors working, it still didn't pass smog ($60). The smog tech couldn't give me any explanation, other than, "Maybe the VVT valves..." No prob, I thought, I'll fix the EGR. Uhh, no. First, I couldnt find it, nor could my mechanic buddies. Finally, I called the dealer, he asked me for the VIN, and told me "That car doesn't have an EGR, some Calibers were built without them".:rolleyes:. So, I asked them, with no EGR, why does it even register the monitor as INC??!? And, more to the point, how do I get it smogged (legally)?? He did the dealer shuffle over the phone and said, maybe it's a faulty charcoal canister, or possibly the VVT valves, or it could need a computer reset. At this point I envisioned my body strapped to a gurney at the dealer's underground blood-sucking facility and I politely terminated the call. I've checked online, and can't find a single thread with this dilemma. In the mean time, the temp registration expired, and the car picked up a misfire, code P0303 "Cyl 3 misfire". I let it sit for 10 months and decided to take another run at it this week, just for sh#&$ and giggles. I bought a used battery ($25), and let my mechanic buddy change the spark plugs and the #3 coil ($150 + beer). That cleared the ck eng lite, and it's running great again... BUT... Still EGR INComplete. So now I'm $510 into this project, which brings me to the actual reason I got on the forum... Next step?
  1. Buy refurb computer ($161)
  2. VVT's, upper and lower about ($75)
  3. Take to dealer for charcoal canister, pcm ecu reset($arm, leg, firstborn child plus cash and a player to be named later) (Note: Apologies to all the hard-working dealer peeps, all in good fun, I am just a bitter SOB)
  4. Cash out and run away from this fun little obsession, knowing full well that it has a cracked windshield ($150), bad shocks ($250), loose driver-side control arm ($200), dent in driver-side passenger door, replace for about ($100), and she's good to go!
OOh...and I'm asking...for a friend
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