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P000a-bank 1 Camshaft 1 Position Slow Response
P000b-bank 1 Camshaft 2 Position Slow Response
P0010-bank 1 Camshaft 1 Position Actuator Circuit Open
P0011-bank 1 Camshaft 1 Position Target Performance
P0013-bank 1 Camshaft 2 Position Actuator Circuit Open
P0014-bank 1 Camshaft 2 Position Target Performance
P0016-crankshaft/camshaft Timing Misalignment Bank 1 Sensor 1
P0017-crankshaft/camshaft Timing Misalignment Bank 1 Sensor 2
P0031-o2 Sensor 1/1 Heater Circuit Low
P0032-o2 Sensor 1/1 Heater Circuit High
P0037-o2 Sensor 1/2 Heater Circuit Low
P0038-o2 Sensor 1/2 Heater Circuit High
P0071-ambient Air Temperature Sensor Performance
P0072-ambient Air Temperature Sensor Circuit Low
P0073-ambient Air Temperature Sensor Circuit High
P0106-manifold Absolute Pressure Sensor Performance
P0107-manifold Absolute Pressure Sensor Circuit Low
P0108-manifold Absolute Pressure Sensor Circuit High
P0111-intake Air Temperature Sensor Performance
P0112-intake Air Temperature Sensor Circuit Low
P0113-intake Air Temperature Sensor Circuit High
P0116-engine Coolant Temperature Sensor Performance
P0117-engine Coolant Temperature Sensor Circuit Low
P0118-engine Coolant Temperature Sensor Circuit High
P0121-throttle Position Sensor 1 Performance
P0122-throttle Position Sensor 1 Circuit Low
P0123-throttle Position Sensor 1 Circuit High
P0125-insufficient Coolant Temperature For Closed-loop Fuel Control
P0128-thermostat Rationality
P0129-barometric Pressure Out Of Range Low
P0131-o2 Sensor 1/1 Circuit Low
P0132-o2 Sensor 1/1 Circuit High
P0133-o2 Sensor 1/1 Slow Response
P0135-o2 Sensor 1/1 Heater Performance
P0137-o2 Sensor 1/2 Circuit Low
P0138-o2 Sensor 1/2 Circuit High
P0139-o2 Sensor 1/2 Slow Response
P0140-o2 Sensor 1/2 Signal Inactive
P0141-o2 Sensor 1/2 Heater Performance
P0171-fuel System 1/1 Lean
P0172-fuel System 1/1 Rich
P0196-engine Oil Temperature Sensor Performance
P0197-engine Oil Temperature Sensor Circuit Low
P0198-engine Oil Temperature Sensor Circuit High
P0201-fuel Injector 1 Circuit/open
P0202-fuel Injector 2 Circuit/open
P0203-fuel Injector 3 Circuit/open
P0204-fuel Injector 4 Circuit/open
P0218-high Temperature Operation Activated
P0221-throttle Position Sensor 2 Circuit Performance
P0222-throttle Position Sensor 2 Circuit Low
P0223-throttle Position Sensor 2 Circuit High
P0261-fuel Injector 1 Circuit Low
P0262-fuel Injector 1 Circuit High
P0264-fuel Injector 2 Circuit Low
P0265-fuel Injector 2 Circuit High
P0267-fuel Injector 3 Circuit Low
P0268-fuel Injector 3 Circuit High
P0270-fuel Injector 4 Circuit Low
P0271-fuel Injector 4 Circuit High
P0298-engine Oil Temperature Too High
P0300-multiple Cylinder Misfire
P0301-cylinder 1 Misfire
P0302-cylinder 2 Misfire
P0303-cylinder 3 Misfire
P0304-cylinder 4 Misfire
P0315-no Crank Sensor Learned
P0325-knock Sensor 1 Circuit
P0335-crankshaft Position Sensor Circuit
P0336-crankshaft Position Sensor Performance
P0339-crankshaft Position Sensor Intermittent
P0340-camshaft Position Sensor Circuit-bank 1 Sensor 1
P0341-camshaft Position Sensor Circuit Performance-bank 1 Sensor 1
P0344-camshaft Position Sensor Intermittent-bank 1 Sensor 1
P0351-ignition Coil 1 Circuit
P0352-ignition Coil 2 Circuit
P0353-ignition Coil 3 Circuit
P0354-ignition Coil 4 Circuit
P0365-camshaft Position Sensor Circuit-bank 1 Sensor 2
P0366-camshaft Position Sensor Performance-bank 1 Sensor 2
P0369-camshaft Position Sensor Intermittent-bank 1 Sensor 2
P0420-catalyst 1/1 Efficiency

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P0420-catalyst 1/1 Efficiency
P0440-general Evap System Failure
P0441-evap Purge System Performance
P0443-evap Purge Solenoid Circuit
P0444-evap Purge Solenoid Circuit Open
P0452-evap Pressure Switch Stuck Closed
P0455-evap System Large Leak
P0456-evap System Small Leak
P0457-evap System - Loose Fuel Cap
P0458-evap Purge Solenoid Circuit Low
P0459-evap Purge Solenoid Circuit High
P0461-fuel Level Sensor 1 Performance
P0462-fuel Level Sensor 1 Circuit Low
P0463-fuel Level Sensor 1 Circuit High
P0480-cooling Fan 1 Control Circuit
P0481-cooling Fan 2 Control Circuit
P0501-vehicle Speed Sensor 1 Performance (exc Mtx Non-abs)
P0501-vehicle Speed Sensor 1 Performance (mtx Non-abs)
P0503-vehicle Speed Sensor 1 Erratic (exc Mtx Non-abs)
P0503-vehicle Speed Sensor 1 Erratic (mtx Non-abs)
P0506-idle Speed Performance Lower Than Expected
P0507-idle Speed Performance Higher Than Expected
P0513-invalid Skim Key
P0522-engine Oil Pressure Sensor Circuit Low
P0523-engine Oil Pressure Sensor Circuit High
P0532-a/c Pressure Sensor Circuit Low
P0533-a/c Pressure Sensor Circuit High
P0562-battery Voltage Low
P0563-battery Voltage High
P0571-brake Switch 1 Performance
P0572-brake Switch 1 Stuck On
P0573-brake Switch 1 Stuck Off
P0579-speed Control Switch 1 Circuit Performance
P0580-speed Control Switch 1 Circuit Low
P0581-speed Control Switch 1 Circuit High
P0585-speed Control Switch 1/2 Correlation
P0591-speed Control Switch 2 Circuit Performance
P0592-speed Control Switch 2 Circuit Low
P0593-speed Control Switch 2 Circuit High
P0600-serial Communication Link
P0601-internal Memory Checksum Invalid
P0606-internal Ecm Processor
P060b-etc A-d Ground Performance
P060d-etc Level 2 App Performance
P060e-etc Level 2 Tps Performance
P060f-etc Level 2 Ect Performance
P0615-starter Control Circuit/open
P0616-starter Control Circuit Low
P0617-starter Control Circuit High
P061a-etc Level 2 Torque Performance
P061c-etc Level 2 Rpm Performance
P0622-generator Field Control Circuit
P0625-generator Field Control Circuit Low
P0626-generator Field Control Circuit High
P0627-fuel Pump Control Circuit/open
P0628-fuel Pump Control Circuit Low
P0629-fuel Pump Control Circuit High
P062c-etc Level 2 Mph Performance
P0630-vin Not Programmed In Pcm
P0632-odometer Not Programmed In Pcm
P0633-skim Secret Key Not Stored In Pcm
P063a-generator Voltage Sense Circuit
P0642-sensor Reference Voltage 1 Circuit Low
P0643-sensor Reference Voltage 1 Circuit High
P0645-ac Compressor Relay Open Circuit
P0646-a/c Control Circuit Low
P0647-a/c Control Circuit High
P0652-sensor Reference Voltage 2 Circuit Low
P0653-sensor Reference Voltage 2 Circuit High
P0700-transmission Control System (mil Request)
P0703-brake Switch 2 Performance
P0850-park/neutral Switch Performance
P1115-general Temperature Rationality
P1128-closed Loop Fueling Not Achieved - Bank 1
P1239-engine Oil Temperature Too Low
P1277-starter Control Circuit 2 Low (tipm)
P1278-starter Control Circuit 2 High (tipm)
P1279-starter Control Circuit 2 Open (tipm)
P127a-starter Control Circuit 2 Overcurrent (tipm)
P127c-fuel Pump Control Circuit 2 Low (tipm)
P127d-fuel Pump Control Circuit 2 High (tipm)
P127e-fuel Pump Control Circuit 2 Open (tipm)
P127f-fuel Pump Control Circuit 2 Overcurrent (tipm)
P1501-vehicle Speed Sensor 1/2 Correlation - Drive Wheels
P1502-vehicle Speed Sensor 1/2 Correlation - Non-drive Wheels
P1513-starter Request Switch Stuck
P1572-brake Pedal Stuck On
P1573-brake Pedal Stuck Off
P1593-speed Control Switch 1/2 Stuck
P1602-pcm Not Programmed
P1607-pcm Internal Shutdown Timer Slow Rationality
P1618-sensor Reference Voltage 1 Erratic
P1628-sensor Reference Voltage 2 Erratic
P1696-eeprom Memory Write Denied/invalid
P1697-emr (sri) Mileage Not Stored

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P1861-siphon Hose Disconnected
P1897-lvl2 Rpm Fail - No Post
P2004-intake Manifold Runner Control Stuck Open
P2006-intake Manifold Runner Control Stuck Closed
P2008-intake Manifold Runner (swirl) Control Circuit/open
P2009-intake Manifold Runner (swirl) Control Circuit Low
P2010-intake Manifold Runner (swirl) Control Circuit High
P2015-intake Manifold Runner Position Sensor Performance
P2016-intake Manifold Runner Position Sensor Circuit Low
P2017-intake Manifold Runner Position Sensor Circuit High
P2066-fuel Level Sensor 2 Performance
P2067-fuel Level Sensor 2 Circuit Low
P2068-fuel Level Sensor 2 Circuit High
P2072-electronic Throttle Control System - Ice Blockage
P2074-map/tps Correlation - High Airflow/vacuum Leak Detected
P2088-bank 1 Camshaft 1 Position Actuator Circuit Low
P2089-bank 1 Camshaft 1 Position Actuator Circuit High
P2090-bank 1 Camshaft 2 Position Actuator Circuit Low
P2091-bank 1 Camshaft 2 Position Actuator Circuit High
P2096-downstream Fuel Trim System 1 Lean
P2097-downstream Fuel Trim System 1 Rich
P2100-electronic Throttle Control Motor Circuit
P2101-electronic Throttle Control Motor Performance
P2106-electronic Throttle Control - Forced Limited Power
P2107-electronic Throttle Control Module Processor
P2108-electronic Throttle Control Module Performance
P2110-electronic Throttle Control - Forced Limited Rpm
P2111-electronic Throttle Control - Unable To Close
P2112-electronic Throttle Control - Unable To Open
P2115-pedal Position Sensor 1 Minimum Stop Performance
P2116-pedal Position Sensor 2 Minimum Stop Performance
P2118-electronic Throttle Control Motor Current Performance
P2119-throttle Actuator Control Throttle Body Performance
P2122-accelerator Pedal Position Sensor 1 Circuit Low
P2123-accelerator Pedal Position Sensor 1 Circuit High
P2127-accelerator Pedal Position Sensor 2 Circuit Low
P2128-accelerator Pedal Position Sensor 2 Circuit High
P2135-throttle Position Sensor 1/2 Correlation
P2138-accelerator Pedal Position Sensor 1/2 Correlation
P2161-vehicle Speed Sensor 2 Erratic (with Abs)
P2166-accelerator Pedal Position Sensor 1 Maximum Stop Performance
P2167-accelerator Pedal Position Sensor 2 Maximum Stop Performance
P2172-high Airflow / Vacuum Leak Detected (instantaneous Accumulation)
P2173-high Airflow / Vacuum Leak Detected (slow Accumulation)
P2174-low Airflow / Restriction Detected (instantaneous Accumulation)
P2175-low Airflow / Restriction Detected (slow Accumulation)
P2181-cooling System Performance
P2183-engine Coolant Temperature Sensor 2 Circuit Performance
P2184-engine Coolant Temperature Sensor 2 Circuit Low
P2185-engine Coolant Temperature Sensor 2 Circuit High
P2270-o2 Sensor 1/2 Signal Biased Lean
P2271-o2 Sensor 1/2 Signal Biased Rich
P2299-brake Pedal Position / Accelerator Pedal Position Incompatible
P2301-ignition Coil 1 Circuit High
P2302-ignition Coil 1 Secondary Circuit-insufficient Ionization
P2304-ignition Coil 2 Circuit High
P2305-ignition Coil 2 Secondary Circuit-insufficient Ionization
P2307-ignition Coil 3 Circuit High
P2308-ignition Coil 3 Secondary Circuit-insufficient Ionization
P2310-ignition Coil 4 Circuit High
P2311-ignition Coil 4 Secondary Circuit-insufficient Ionization
P2503-charging System Output Low
P2504-charging System Output High
P2610-pcm Internal Shutdown Timer Fast Rationality
U0001-can C Bus
U0101-lost Communication With Tcm
U0121-lost Communication With Anti-lock Brake Module
U0140-lost Communication With Body Control Module
U0141-lost Communication With Ipm (fcm/tipm)
U0155-lost Communication With Cluster/ccn
U0168-lost Communication With Vehicle Security Control Module (skreem/wcm)
U0402 Implausibile Data Received From Tcm
U0431-implausibile Data Received From Fcm
U110c-lost Fuel Level Message
U110e-lost Ambient Temperature Message
U110f-lost Fuel Volume Message
U1110-lost Vehicle Speed Message
U1113-lost A/c Pressure Message
U1120-lost Wheel Distance Message
U1403-implausible Fuel Level Signal Received
U1411-implausible Fuel Volume Signal Received
U1412-implausible Vehicle Speed Signal Received
U1417-implausible Left Wheel Distance Signal Received
U1418-implausible Right Wheel Distance Signal Received

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