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Battery issues please help!

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Hi my battery light turned on driving home from my sons track meet. When we got home the next day my car would not start we tried to jump it and nothing. So we went and bought a new battery. Well we got the wrong battery first and changing it made my horn go off!! So we returned it and got the right battery at farm and fleet! Got it connected and it still won’t start! It clicks over all the lights turn on! Please help! What do I do??
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Have you used a scan tool to see if there are any pending codes? Maybe it might point you in the right direction
Does the car crank at all or does nothing happen when you turn the key? Do all of the other electricals work?
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Hello good,
If you connect a battery you can blow a high amperage fuse.
If you are unlucky enough to have the key in the ON position you can burn the ECU and this is no longer funny.
Check the fuses and the starter relay located in the driver's side wheel arch and tell us.
All the best
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It makes a click sound when I try to start it. All the lights inside come on. We got the relay box out one fuse was corroded and broken and we changed it. We need one more for the relay box but the store didn’t have anymore available. What is the ECU? Unfortunately I have nobody to help me and I do not know anything about cars! I’ve been doing a lot of reading and wondering if it could be the starter or alternator?
When you replaced the rotted out relay in the relay box, did you inspect the wiring going to the relay sockets to ensure that wasn't rotted out as well?

Easiest thing to check (relatively speaking) is the's towards the front of the car. The starter consists of a large cylindrical body with a smaller cylindrical body on top of it, with a thick bare copper wire running between them (it's very short, like 3/4" long). Look to see if that wire is intact...they have a tendency to corrode away. If it's rotted away, replace the starter. If that wire looks okay then give the larger starter body several taps with a hammer, then try starting the car. If it starts, your starter is bad.
Thank you so much for all your help! I have my 2nd relay switch coming today from ORileys. I finally had my neighbor use one of the code readers and it looks like it’s the relays switches 2 of them! Hopefully this works. But if it doesn’t I will start to check the starter! Thanks everyone! You have been a tremendous help!
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