Hey Guys, I used to be member Flyinghigh back when I had an 08 Caliber. It got murdered in a head on collision. Anyway, back when I was an active member, we had another member named Teachair and he was from Poland. We became friends and still keep in touch. I also keep in touch with Licia from Italy. Teachair got in touch with me yesterday and asked if I could help him find an OEM antenna for his 2007 Caliber. His broke and he can't find one in Poland. If anyone had one they'd like to sell, I'll buy it from you and send it to him. I KNOW I can find some on fleabay, amazon or at a Mopar website, but I don't have a lot of money and shipping to Poland isn't cheap. Thanks for any and all help and keep those Calibers rolling. I sure miss the one I had.