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Alternator regulator replaced but battery still not being charged. Alternator working perfect

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Good day guys

I have an issue with my Dodge Caliber 2.0 crd sxt. Hope you guys can assist.

The battery light recently came on and the battery got completely drained. The regulator on the alternator was changed and I got a brand new battery. After all that the battery is still not being charged. The alternator was tested and its working perfect. We get 14v from the alternator but at the battery it decreases all the time.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated
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Measure the voltage between the positive side of the alternator and the positive terminal at the should see well under 1V IIRC. If you see more than that, then the voltage isn't getting from the alternator to the battery and you need to figure out why. Could be a bad positive lead or a corroded connector someplace, or the alternator itself is bad. Just because you see 14V at the alternator with the car at idle doesn't mean the alternator is could be failing under load and thus the battery goes dead.
We took the alternator off and tested it by an auto electrician. It worked perfect by him. I'll try your solution and get back to you. Thanks
The alternator can work all it wants if your wiring is bad between it and the battery it still won't charge.
I also suspect it's the wiring. I'll have the mechanic check it. Hopefully that sorts it out
Before you check the wiring see if the charging system needs reactivating like in the earlier threads!-HELP!-2007-caliber
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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