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Age and beauty

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Lord guys, I've two questions; one about the black plastic exterior moldings/decor. and the other about the skittish drive at 70 + mph.

Yep, you've guessed it, I'm approaching that golden age but I do noticed a beginning of color change in the black exterior plastic moldings. What do you apply on the plastic to stop this change?

Secondly, is there a recommended tire pressure amount that would minimize the jittery driving characteristics of the Caliber--if I take my eyes off the road for even a split second, the car easily darts from one side of the road to another. The alignment has been checked.
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You should have looked at the "Trim Fading" sticky thread in this forum section for your answer on the trim:

I never experienced the driving issue you describe. How much air do you have in the tires? I always run 2-3lbs over what the placard on the driver's door frame says for best handling and tire wear. It could be that your struts are shot.
this is what happens to mine too. i'll set an apointment on my dealer next week have this check and the rubbing sound..
You could also have a broken belt in a tire or what the techs like to tell you, tire cupping. Have you tried rotating the tires and seeing if it still does it? And Brad's probably correct in suggesting that it's worn front end components. I have 53,000 on mine and it still tracks straight when I turn the steering wheel loose.
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