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Hi Guys,
A few weaks ago i bought an Android head Unit (Topway TS10).
It's a low-budget one so i had no too much requirements.
Surprisely it works fine but I have some problems with the canbus decoder.(Simple Soft RP5-CH-004)
The door alert popped up everytime when I turned the lights on, when I shifted to reverse etc. Technikally it popped up always. After a firmware update this issue is gone, the door indicator pops up only when a door is open BUT the unit inditaces the absolute opposite door. For example: front left open->rear right indicates.
I'm sure the problem is the canbus decoder's firmware but in it's software the 2010 Caliber is the only option but I have a 2007 2.0 vvt model.
Can anyone help me with this problem? Any advice?

Thanks a lot!

//Shame on me, my language knowledge's not as well as I want it to be.:confused://
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