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AC was working fine until recent on my 08 Caliber SXT 2.0.. Looking for tips before replacing any major parts.

1.The system is charged and has plenty of freon/coolant. Fuses under the hood look fine. No check engine light( I was thinking possibly a faulty coolant temp sensor).

2. Heater works perfect. When switching the knob to cold (with or without the snowflake button pressed) it blows warm. Car fortunately does not overheat,no head gasket issues.

3. Climate control assembly(knob area where it illuminates) feels very warm/hot after several miles of driving. Smells like heated plastic. (AC/heater is not on and this occurs.. could the climate control assembly be malfunctioning? Electrical issue?

4. Could a faulty relay( Near the driver side wheel) cause the AC to not work?

5. Is there a specific test if the ac compressor is working? Tools necessary to diagnose (Voltmeter?)

Any suggestions are appreciated!
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