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Your post is in the correct thread. New posts only display until you have read(opened) them so you will never see your own.
There is a filter on the left above the posts where you can unselect unread posts, that will then show you all recent posts.

Wiring diagrams are in the 2007 service manual. I understand you have a refreshed (2010?) model so don't be 100% sure about color codes.

Jeep (AWD) versions are likely to have different wiring for their drive controls.

The Forumz is a good place to record your actions and progress, and therefore read about past experiences.
Less so for some interactive guidance on specific issues so be realistic.

Technically it sounds like you are in the right area but the disturbed control could be farther away, such as a stress fracture, corrosion, connection, insulation, tension. Keep researching for clues and check continuity wherever obtainable.
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