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ABS light/ Cruise Control off

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So I finally wired up my front speakers to a real amp so they aren't powered by the Android Head unit's built in amp and when I turned my car back on the ABS light was on.
@Aleks if you could help me bump this, or should I repost in general discussion? U have been super helpful in the past and active. Only reason I am tagging you specifically. My post don't seem to be showing up in the new post feed and I could really use some help.
Now the car is revving to 3000rpm at 70mph and not shifting(usually sits at 2500 at 70 mph) Also cruise control not working.
I found this thread that says the ABS sensor wire is right near where I tapped into the factory speaker wires at the driver side kick panel. (and presumably passenger side as well) It's on a jeep Patriot forum but I assume this is my issue. Says there is a 3 wire splice with a poor connection that erodes. Anyone have pics or a wiring diagram of this? I assume wire colors may be different. The jeep is also 4wd.

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"The ESP, BAS, Traction Control, and 4WD! lights were lighted on my dash for a while, sometimes turning on and off in the beginning, now staying on constantly. I read some other threads on possible reasons and heard about the corroded wiring splice in the driver's side kick panel. I went looking and found that I also had a corroded splice. I've attached pictures to show people where the splice was located on my Pat (08), since I never came across any photos in other threads showing where it was. I simply detached the battery, cut out the corroded part, stripped new wire and soldered them together. Once the car was turned back on the lights were out and stayed out (4WD was not engaging with the lights on but now works fine)."

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Your post is in the correct thread. New posts only display until you have read(opened) them so you will never see your own.
There is a filter on the left above the posts where you can unselect unread posts, that will then show you all recent posts.

Wiring diagrams are in the 2007 service manual. I understand you have a refreshed (2010?) model so don't be 100% sure about color codes.

Jeep (AWD) versions are likely to have different wiring for their drive controls.

The Forumz is a good place to record your actions and progress, and therefore read about past experiences.
Less so for some interactive guidance on specific issues so be realistic.

Technically it sounds like you are in the right area but the disturbed control could be farther away, such as a stress fracture, corrosion, connection, insulation, tension. Keep researching for clues and check continuity wherever obtainable.
Thanks @Aleks you are a godsend and a pillar in this community. Found the splice. Just like description crappy hockey tape. Mine didn't even have connectors just taped together and the stuff absorbs moisture and it was sticky af. Will keep this thread updated but the connection did not look obstructed.

SO IT TURNS OUT I am an idiot and connected my amplifier to two dark grey/brown wires that look like they go to OBD2. The speaker wires are light grey. Luckily I used quick connects so I could re attach if needed. I re attached and got power to OBD2 but abs light still on. Did an OBD2 scan and no diagnostic codes despite abs light on. Did the same thing on passenger side, I have attached pics of the blue/yellow and green/grey wires I attached to. The window switch no longer works on passenger side.
I did a reset by connecting positive and negative cables hoping now that wires were reconnected ABS issue would be fixed. Negative. If anyone has insight into what these wires are it would be appreciated. Hoping I didn't blow my tipm or ecu etc.
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Wires I connected on passenger side^^
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Wires I connected on driver side


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So I reconnected and reset TIPM and have power to OBD2 but no codes popped and ABS light still on. Drove a couple miles and it turned off. Cruise control working. Thank God. Just wanted to update in case some other idiot does this.
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