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A few ideas...

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I removed the roof trim when its rubber started coming apart and curling in the sun. I couldn't figure out a normal fix to keep it on. All other Calibers in the junkyard had the same problem.

Once removed, I also took off the plastic clips and plugged up the holes with plugs (huge PITA, like 13 per side).

I didn't like the bare look, so I also masked then painted the area with spray-on bedliner. From a distance, it looks like a stock Caliber.

Maybe this is an option for others?

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This is the only car I've owned that seems to dump any water on the roof down the windshield. Turn left, nothing. Turn right, nothing. Hit the brakes, everything down the front.

I found an aluminium carpet strip - to transition from carpet to vinyl. After some bending, I siliconed and screwed it onto the top in a way that would catch the water and channel it off the sides.

Works great for me, may be a bit odd looking on your vehicle if it doesn't already look odd, lol.
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For 2007-2009 owners who don't like the center console with the tiny/useless mp3 player compartment, the one out of the 2010 will fit with some slight modifications (trimming, heat bending, knuckle scraping, swearing).

It will cover the 12v power outlet, but an extension can be made, or a universal installed somewhere else.

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The little pockets are different and positions make more sense. They should also have little rubber pieces on the bottom of those two pockets that can be removed and cleaned. It has the 110 power jack like the original and cup holder lighting, too

Gas Electric blue Font Circle Event

Bloody knuckles versus cool factor - you decide.
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I changed my CVT shifter selector with the manual boot. Not sure if I like it.

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Installed mainly for keeping stuff from falling behind/under it. But it's stiff to move in the P and D positions. Sometimes I have to use some force to move into P so I can get the key out.

What say you?

Should I just remove it and put a hijab on it? 🙏
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For 2007-2009 owners who don't like the center console with the tiny/useless mp3 player compartment,
Holder for fuel / store / loyalty cards
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i would like more pics of how it looks without the roof trims/ plastic peices
I'll see about taking more photos tomorrow.

I was also thinking about visiting the junkyard soon - I'll take pics of what it looks like to remove all this. 👍
No junkyard pics today - place was too crowded.

But... More photos of what it looks like with the roof rails removed, and that location painted:

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Hood Motor vehicle Automotive lighting Automotive design Bumper

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On this view, you can definitely tell something is missing, but from a distance, to me looks normal:
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i like it. have any side view of the entire car without trim ill take mine off soon and try to apply bond to smooth out
I'm not sure if this is what you're looking for:

Wheel Car Tire Land vehicle Automotive parking light

If not, tell me what type of angle you're looking for.
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Junkyard day!

On the underside of the plastic roof rails, are things like this:

Product Rectangle Bumper Automotive lighting Gas

Which attach to these little guys:

Rectangle Hood Wood Tints and shades Automotive exterior

Obviously, they slide on - most in one direction, the front one slides up to detach.

If you are just removing and not replacing the rails, grab the rail on its roof-side and pull away from the roof with force. You'll pop the grooves off of the plastic clips.

These little clips:
Hood Sleeve Rectangle Automotive lighting Automotive exterior

snap into holes in the roof:
Hood Rectangle Automotive tire Automotive lighting Asphalt

They have two small snaps(?) on each side that you can usually press them in using two flat screwdrivers (or similar tools) then pop them out.

Once you remove one, you'll see what sides have the snaps, and can do the same to the rest. There will be 18 of these plastic clips per side.

Car Hood Vehicle Automotive tire Motor vehicle

If you decide to just chop them off, the part that drops into the roof area will never come out, and will rattle inside forever, and ever, and ever...

The windshield rails:
Product Rectangle Automotive mirror Automotive lighting Material property

Are attached with four rusting metal clips per side. These clips cannot be removed.

After you pull the rails straight out, I suggest spraying some type of rust-stop before doing anything else (painting, bondo).

Keep in mind the possibility of having to replace the windshield in the future - if you bondo this area, it may be harder for a tech to remove the glass without damage.

And that's it. Basically just pull the rails straight off, then deal with what's left of the clips, etc..

You will be left with 36 holes that need to be sealed, as moisture/ water/ snow/ dirt can get directly into the car. I used Gorilla tape temporary until I found the little plastic plugs - which were a HUGE pain to get them to snap in.

Keep in mind; directly under that entire area, on driver and passenger sides, you have the curtain-side airbags bolted inside on the roof. FYI
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i wanted to remove my rails but it does seem like a hassle i had in mind to bondo them.are you getting replacement ones for your caliber?
I actually wanted to mount the rails off a Subaru Outback. They're taller and bulkier:

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These things are cool. In the picture, you can see a bar across the top of the driver side rail - one end on each side of this cross-bar can unlatch and swing 90° to snap onto the main body on the opposite rail. I could lay 2×4s on it, 75" TVs, the mother-in-law... Or move the cross-bars to their original locations for more aerodynamics when not in use.

Unfortunately, these are too long for the Caliber, don't follow the curvature of the roofline, have built-in bolts that are supposed to go through the roof — which, if properly spaced, holes have to be drilled right through the body reinforcement welds of the roof, which I haven't been able to drill all the way through.

I have cut the back of each one to shorten them. I have cut off the bolts to get the rails to sit on the roof.

Vehicle Car Hood Motor vehicle Automotive design

I thought I could use a heat gun to soften them to match the curvature of the roof, but they seem to be made out of fiberglass. So to do this will take a lot more modification than I was planning.

Well, now I'm thinking of [somehow] making a mold of these and/or making copies from scratch. Way too much thinking for my lazy arse.

But... maybe this year a brain cell will light up.

*I also want to mount low-profile type off-road lights on top; maybe these:

Rectangle Font Line Parallel Auto part

Similar to my alley-light I have mounted to the underside of the car.

Automotive parking light Grille Automotive lighting Automotive tail & brake light Hood
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It's a smoother, more aero look.

To me, though, it starts to look more like a Ford car - they all seem to be round topped with no different coloured trim accents.

But I think aero, fuel saving look is the thing now. All the cool kids are doing it. 👍
i really like the height of the last picture as well as the tire meat and it looks clean instead om my plastic pieces falling off every time it rains or i wash the car :cautious:
would be nice if the spare tire was in the back of the rear door :eek:
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