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3rd Annual GPMM Labor Day Meet and Greet

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heres a link:

Ok Folks here is the info on the 3rd Annual GPMM Labor Day Meet N Greet!! The first year we had 4, the second year there were nearly 20, this year?? 30? 40? 50??? Since the group has gotten bigger, so have the plans!!! This year we plan on having a great time, taking a ton of pictures, and turning a lot of heads!! On Monday Septmeber 6th we will leave around noon from Fort Smith Arkansas and cruise 86 miles down to Mena Arkansas. After a bathroom break we will cruise the Talimena Scenic drive stopping to take plenty of pictures along the way. Finally ending up in Krebs Ok around 4pm at Pete's Place for some awesome Italian food and some Choc Beer if you would like. I have talked to the restraunt and they have banquet rooms and such to seat us all as a group so hopefully it will not be like the disaster at POPS last year. They do not offer Family Style for large groups so everyone will have to order their own dish but it is well worth it!! After this everyone will split up and be on their way home. I know this is pretty far for the St. Louis group but it was the most centrally located "drive" we could find, but maybe some of you can make it down. I plan on driving to Fort Smith on Sunday and relaxing there while everyone comes into town. Please reply to this thread if you are plannig to attend because we need to give them a headcount at the restraunt by September 1st. If anyone else knows of something along the route that is a must see please let us know!!! I can't wait to see how big this is!!!
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Bump.............only about a week away
bump for meet up place info..........

11 am monday morning

Central Mall Shopping center
5111 Rogers Avenue
Fort Smith, AR 72903-2047

unless your in the Tulsa area and would like to caravan......then PM me and we can pick a meet up place to caravan to Fort Smith
last bump.....24 hours till we invade.......
heres a link to the pics....................
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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