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2010 Dodge Caliber 2.0 SXT

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I've changed the O2 sensor the one before the catalytic converter. And I changed coolant sensor it doesn't feel like it's getting gas but I hear the fuel pump turning on I am stumped I don't know what to do please help someone.
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So I'm getting my fuel pressure test at 60 then slowly walks off to about 45. But when I go to crank it it's a crack no start, funny thing is is that I'm smelling no gas even if I'm pumping it. I purchased those two sensors going to install them in the morning thanks for the advice.
So I bought this car with a misfire code on cylinder 2. But when I bought it from this guy he brought it to me and it was warmed up and it runs great when it's warmed up. But when you start it in the morning that thing sounds like the timings off and it dies but when it gets up two temperature it runs smooth. I live in Alaska I usually have the car in the garage. It's been super cold up here the last couple weeks and I had to leave the car out side for a day I had my boiler replaced so I decided to plug it in as one of those radiator heaters. When the plumbers got their work done I went to go start it and pull it back in the garage because what and never started back up and I get all these codes. Give me a 350 for a 351 **** or even the 318 I'll tear them shits down and rebuild them but these damn relays in a box I rather go take him to the junkyard and get him smashed and collect my 600 LOL.
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I'm about to go down and change this O2 sensor but the answer your question John, it just turns over and doesn't start I don't even smell any gas before I could smell gas cuz it would flood out.
I haven't yet I'm charging the battery, would you happen to know where the ground is for the coils? And there's a little black capacitor by the battery side of the engine when I unplugged it it was black and gunky would that play a part in the no start?
I replaced both of the sensors 02 replace the IAT replaced the temperature sensor cleared all the codes and still no start. Seemed like it wanted to after cranking it for a while was smelling a little bit of gas. Any more ideas would be appreciated thank you.
Only one code low voltage for the battery but I've been cranking it a lot. It felt like it wanted to start it was catching and then nothing sputtered out. Just can't figure it out. What do you think about the ignition capacitor could that be messing it up?
I'm wondering if it could be like an auto start malfunction or something who knows grabbing for straws now LOL please help
I did all that, changed all the sensors that were suggested .serpentine belt ,spark plugs..... don't get it I leave it outside for a day when I left it it was running and now nothing. This is my sister's car and her last day off .she works TSA at the Airport, if I can't get it running today ,I hate to say it. but I'll have to get a tow to a shop or something. I'm a carpenter by trade very handy person... I like to fix things I own myself .and the thought of of paying somebody for something that I couldn't do myself doesn't sit right with me.
Stoichiometry. I've done all this sir ,swapped coils around, bought new coils ,cleared codes, read codes ,changed things. I can't get it to start. Although one thing is different now I am starting to smell gas again after cranking it. Before I could crank it for 5 minutes and not smell a thing I've got to go buy a new battery off trash the one I have. I love you guys a suggestions man keep them coming cuz one of them is going to be money I know it is LOL
I've been asking about the ignition capacitor on it and how to check it and what its job actually is?
So I finally got it started I had to ground out the ignition radio capacitor and it started right up needs a new one for sure cuz it running a little rough.
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