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Stop firing the parts cannon and let's look at things logically. You need air, spark, and fuel for an engine to run so check those first.

First, you have a misfire on cylinder 2. Swap the ignition coils between cylinder 2 and another, and see if the misfire follows to the new cylinder. If it does, bad ignition coil. If it does not, inspect spark plugs.

If you have a scan tool check to see what your fuel trims are...they should hover around zero. If they're high then the car thinks you have a lean fuel condition and is enriching the system. If they're negative then the car thinks you're running rich and is cutting back on the fuel. Both can cause starting problems.

The fact that you hear the pump is helpful but not gospel...if the filter in the pump is clogged the pump could be running with little to no fuel flow.
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