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A friend took their very nice Caliber to a dealer shop and mechanic to investigate a noise transmission was making. Both said that the CVT needed to be replaced and estimated about $3-5k. I didn't talk to the dealer or mechanic so I didn't get to ask any questions of them but they didn't provide any details about the issue in any paperwork. The CVT made a grinding noise when driving but didn't appear to affect power or shifting. My friend was just concerned it was going to die and strand him or his kids.

I bought the service manual and removed the transmission and I am curious if there are parts that can be repaired. I didn't find anything about this particular issue in Google or forum searches.

Video of rotating torque converter: (hopefully, you can put this together to see the video; forum rules don't allow me to post link):
https slash 7QzhBqw4nYhHgW2R8

Is that brushing normal for the CVT? Would that be contributing to the noise it makes when driving? Any known causes?

I'll try to attach a picture of the car - very well maintained and I'd like to help find some way to improve this transmission.

Some observations:
  • there were a lot of bright specks in the coolant; from searching it sounds like people say this may be pump breaking apart but not likely transmission issue
  • the trasmission fluid was very dark; I expected more of a green / yellow color based on reading; didn't smell burnt; didn't see the specks in this like I saw in the coolant

Thank you.


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