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12v Outlet Relocation

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If you needed to move the 12-volt power outlet somewhere else, where would you move it to?

If you were to add more in the car, where would you put them?

Should powered USB ports be a thing?
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Don't relocate, ADD MORE! 1 at the back of the center console, and 1 at the cargo area.
It's part of a thought I had for a while if I could improve QoL for passengers in the back seats. A custom made center console with a power outlet, air vents, and switches for rear heated seats.
Probably can be made if I had a decent knowledge of 3D printing (and a 3D printer), but it's just left as a thought.

USB ports? Why add those when you can just plug in a 12V USB adapter?
They are nothing more than a gimmick to me, just like the 'Chill Zone' that we have that's suppose to keep drinks cool.
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USB ports? Why add those when you can just plug in a 12V USB adapter?
I had a plug in adapter, but its cable went bad. After getting access (the 12v outlet is hidden with the 2010 center console), I find out the cable is a USB-C to USB-C... I son't have that trpe of cable on me, and can't use the more common ones on this adapter. So now I have to buy another adaptor, but could just use the common ones if I had installed a USB plug in the dash.

Left: switched 12v (power from dash lights)
Center: ground
Right: constant 12v
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Measure once, drill four times?:

As I never have passengers in this car, the seat will never move. But, next time I'll pay more attention to things and put this somewhere else. 😒
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Where's subwoofer?

Why come you don't have a subwoofer‽

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Ha the nice big one got stolen. I found a twenty dollar tiny 12" sealed enclosure and bungeed it to the single rear seat so I could fold the seats and have more room for cargo.
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