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Update...and thanks

Just wanted to post this in case it saves someone else some frustration down the road.

Well, after nothing worked last night I left the cables off the battery overnight to reset the tipm, came out this morning, hooked them up, and no difference. Pulled the cables off, held them together for 20 minutes (just in case), put them back on and still no good. Once again went through and made sure all connections were clean and solid. Re-checked everything and nothing seemed out of whack except for the fact the alternator field was never being energized. I had ohmed out every cable I could find in the system and everything seemed ok.

Through this whole mess my engine light had never came on, just the battery light. So after all this I figured why not try a multiple "key cycle" (key on-off-on-off-on- start). As soon as I did this, the battery light went off. I figured ok....whatever and started it. Battery light stayed out so I put my meter to the battery and lo and behold I have about 14.4 volts there. Turned every accessory on and max to make sure I had as much of a load on the system as I could and voltage stayed nice and steady. All I can figure is when the original alt "exploded" maybe it spiked the EVR and the ECM shut it down for protection until some sort of intervention occurred? I don't know but I let it run that way a good long while, drove it, and everything seems fine now. Also nice no longer sounding like a sick diesel going down the road - my wife refused to go through any drive thru's that way haha.

Anyways, thanks everyone for your suggestions, and hopefully the "fun" I went through can save somebody else alot of aggravation and high beer bills later.

Thanks again.
How do I do this "key circle"? I have tried multiple times and different ways and it is not changing anything for me?
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