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  1. Dodge Caliber Photos
    Just had my tint installed Friday/yesterday (ran out of time, didn't want to keep the guys at the shop late for the brow). 35% up front, 20% in the middle, 5% in the back. The back is just a little too dark, but I'm putting in some subs in a couple of weeks, didn't want them to be seen...
  2. Dodge Caliber Exterior Mods - Body Mods, Body Kits
    Well we got our windows tinted the other day at about 18% and I figured I would share some pics. The installer guaranteed his work and said he wanted to redo one of the smaller windows so we will take it back to him tomorrow. Now I am deciding doing the front as well but since we live in Nazi...
  3. Lighting DIY
    I bought the Nightshades paint from Modern Performance earlier this month and did a quick and easy mod. Removing the tails is quite easy; just open the back hatch, take out the two plugs holding the taillights in the jam, carefully struggle to pull the damn thing out from the two pressure...
  4. Dodge Caliber Exterior Mods - Body Mods, Body Kits
    So for xmas I was givin money to get my windows tinted, now my question is for other members out there, can you post a picture and what % you went with. I did a photoshop of what I want mine to end up looking like, I just want to see some others that is not photoshopped in. Thanks
  5. Dodge Caliber Exterior Mods - Body Mods, Body Kits
    hi, im looking to add tints to my caliber :) i want to do them myself but want to know how you would go about doing them. i did them on my old car but they were on non opening windows so it was that much easier. any advice? thanks
  6. Dodge Caliber General Discussion
    I am looking to tint my windows on my Inferno Red R/T and was wondering what % looks the best without impeding vision. Below are the state laws. Front Side WindowsMust allow more than 50% of light in.Back Side WindowsAny darkness can be used.Rear WindowAny darkness can be used. Has anyone...
1-8 of 8 Results