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  1. Problem with charging system

    Dodge Caliber Electrical Problems and Questions
    Evening all I have an intermittent problem the electrcial light comes on sometimes. It just started today. I was driving and the car was running but I had no power. The car got up to maybe 20 mph. It would also buck like a stick shift would when you havent downshifted soon enough. I made...
  2. Lol Smart car crash test

    Other Vehicle Discussion
    Lol this thing is so little it just bounces and richochets off of the barrier..
  3. Buying my 2nd Dodge Car

    Other Vehicle Discussion
    Hopefully tomorrow I will be going to pick up a car: 1992 Dodge Stealth RT/Twin Turbo. Im just wondering, since the car is a 92, does it still have to pass emissions?
  4. Professional Caliber RT tester.

    New Member Introductions
    Hello and welcome. I am new as a member to this site, although i have been visiting this site since I got my 08 RT. No I am not a Professional Caliber RT tester. At least not officially. Dodge doesn't know I Purchased their modern slick new s.luv to drive as a delivery vehicle until it...
  5. Mileage / Snake Oil / Spark Plugs

    Dodge Caliber General Discussion
    I have allways wanted to test different spark plugs. Having a background in electronics, I feal putting the spark directly above the piston vs to the sleave should help. My delema, run $100.00 bill through the shreadder and post the video on youtube, or get 2 different sets of spark plugs and...