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  1. Dodge Caliber SRT4 General Discussion
    I was doing about 35MPH in the picture but it looks like I am parked lol. Gotta love the Stage 1 swaybar kit.
  2. Dodge Caliber Chassis, Suspension, Wheels, Tires
    Hi everyone I was wondering if anyone knows where to get urethane sway bar bushings for our cars. Ive looked on the net but couldn't really find anything. Mine are worn pretty bad and I don't want to put those soft oem ones back in. C-YA!:Racing:
  3. Dodge Caliber Performance Mods - Engine - SXT, SE
    Here's an idea... has anyone ever thought (or actually done it) of putting a SRT Sway bar on our SE, SXT or RT Calibers. From what I've seen the SRT-4 ones are bigger and will improve handling. For the right price it could be a good mod rather than buying an aftermarket Sway Bar. Anyone have any...
1-3 of 3 Results