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  1. Sensor Relearning, does the Crankshaft Position sensor need relearned? Code Error P0335

    Dodge Caliber Mechanical Problems and Questions
    2012 Dodge Caliber SXT - Does anyone know if you have to relearn a crankshaft sensor to have the car work properly again. I am installing my new sensor tomorrow and wanted to ensure it was being done correctly. I am learning how to work on my vehicle and was told first to disconnect the battery...
  2. 2007 Caliber O/2 Sensor Codes

    Dodge Caliber General Discussion
    Hey Team. Wife has 2007 Caliber and recently the O/2 sensors were showing up in check engine OBD. Changed both upstream and downstream and the engine light still comes on after 50 miles or so. This time the codes are repetitive 135/141/135/141 which is of course the "Heater Performance"...
  3. OBDII code p2017 Help

    Dodge Caliber Mechanical Problems and Questions
    I just got a check engine light. I checked with my buddies obd2 reader. the scan showed a code P2017 which is the Intake manifold runner position sensor high circuit. From my understanding its a sensor that tells the computer whether or not the valve is open. Anyways it sounds like im going to...
  4. ABS, AWD lights on, Cruise Control issue

    Dodge Caliber Mechanical Problems and Questions
    Here's one for you. Awhile back, my ABS light and my AWD light came on. The car works normally. I also discovered that when I try to use my Cruise Control, it lights up in my dash, then, when I try to set it, CC goes off. All the fuses are good. Any ideas? 2007 AWD R/T Thanks a bunch.
  5. Random Rough Starts

    Dodge Caliber Mechanical Problems and Questions
    When I bought my Cali I had a huge issue with a rough idle. I changed the spark plugs recently and that seemed to help a little, but the rough idle isnt gone completely. The reason I mention this is because I think the two issues are related. When I start the car and drive around, get home, and...
  6. Computer or Sensor Problem

    Dodge Caliber Electrical Problems and Questions
    Three times now (most recent was yesterday) My Automatic SXT 2007 will go from D to 1 and the RPMS shoot up like crazy. First time it happened was Jan. 1st after a big wind storm, had to drive home in the L gear for what seemed like an eternity. Second was after during a rain storm and I hit a...