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  1. OBD II Help!

    Dodge Caliber General Discussion
    I bought a 2009 Dodge Caliber last month. These days I tried to pass the echeck. But it said that the vehicle was not ready. I bought a OBD II scanning tool. There's no fault code, at the same time the catalyst sensor and O2 sensor are incomplete. I've driven this car for one almost one month...
  2. OBDII code p2017 Help

    Dodge Caliber Mechanical Problems and Questions
    I just got a check engine light. I checked with my buddies obd2 reader. the scan showed a code P2017 which is the Intake manifold runner position sensor high circuit. From my understanding its a sensor that tells the computer whether or not the valve is open. Anyways it sounds like im going to...
  3. OBD-II Book recommendation.

    Product Reviews
    Good morning, :) I wanted to learn deeper about OBD-II diagnostics and was tempted by this title: Haynes techbook OBD-II & Electronic Engine Management Systems. I was able to get it, at a popular internet book store. 1. It has lots of very good pictures. ( black and white ) 2. It explains...
  4. OBD Readout

    Dodge Caliber Electrical Problems and Questions
    Just for the sake of curiousity I tried the old ignition on, off, on, off, on trick as a means of getting any trouble codes which may have been stored in the car's computer. This, it seems, does not work as it used to in my wife's 2003 PT Cruiser GT Turbo. Can anyone tell me if this is possible...
  5. Caliber Diagnostic Trouble Code Descriptions

    Dodge Caliber Electrical Problems and Questions
    P000a-bank 1 Camshaft 1 Position Slow Response P000b-bank 1 Camshaft 2 Position Slow Response P0010-bank 1 Camshaft 1 Position Actuator Circuit Open P0011-bank 1 Camshaft 1 Position Target Performance P0013-bank 1 Camshaft 2 Position Actuator Circuit Open P0014-bank 1 Camshaft 2 Position...