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  1. MyGIG REN / uConnect / Lockpick Bundle

    Dodge Caliber Accessories For Sale - Trade
    Hey guys, I upgraded my MyGIG, so I no longer need all of this. I'm selling it all as a bundle. I'd prefer not to piece it out. This gives you everything you need to get a working MyGIG and uConnect system. Sunburst Orange MyGIG bezel (OEM, not DIY painted.) MyGIG REN Radio w/ Sirius Tuner...
  2. Will the MyGig RBZ work?

    Dodge Caliber Interior Mods, Audio, Video
    I have an '09 SXT. I wanted to put a mygig in it but I am not positive which one is the right one. I can possibly get an RBZ (non-nav), but I am not sure if that is correct. Also, are these pretty much plug it in and its good to go, or are these locked into a cars VIN and need to be reset by...
  3. Mygig RER upgrade issues

    Dodge Caliber General Discussion
    Ok Ive searched the site and others extensively and while I've found HEEPS of information and bits a pieces that could be helpful its hard to translate it all to my issue. I have a 2011 dodge caliber uptown. It was SUPPOSED to come with a mygig rer and uconnect but instead (as i got the only...
  4. No sound output (MyGig with Kicker)

    Dodge Caliber Electrical Problems and Questions
    I was expecting this, but I'm still pissed. Since last night, I have no sound output from my radio, none, nada. Whatever input I use (AM/FM/Sirius/HD/CD/UConnect), I get nothing, but I can still use the touchscreen and input any input possible. I tried disconnecting the fuse, shutting...
  5. MyGig install v.3 - How to (Episode 1)

    Car Audio/Video DIY
    Theory: When I first started researching what options I wanted in my CSRT-4, I decided early on that I wanted a MyGig/Uconnect Studio. I have 200gig of mp3 music on my home computer and haven't hardly used cd's in 6 years; I just buy them and rip them. I had a 20gig Phatbox in my Jetta and an...