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  1. Dodge Caliber General Discussion
    I have a 2008 Dodge Caliber SXT 2.0L and changed all new spark plugs and coil packs and still am getting misfiring on cylinders 3 & 4 and sometimes the car refuses to start.... sounds like it wants to, but doesn't. I have to sit for 3-5 minutes and then it'll start. What do I check for? NO...
  2. Dodge Caliber Mechanical Problems and Questions
    Hi everyone. I have a 2008 Caliber SXT Sport with 170k miles. Recently I have been getting a lot of missing after driving the car for a while. Did the usual changing the plugs but that did not resolve the issue. No CEL no matter how bad it gets. It generally only happens under load and...
  3. Dodge Caliber Electrical Problems and Questions
    Hi, I recently purchased a 2007 Dodge Caliber (automatic) with a 2.0L engine SXT trim. This is my first Dodge in about 25 years needless to say my Coronet 440 looked nothing like this under the hood. The car has been running great but as of late the fuel economy has dropped substantially and as...
  4. Dodge Caliber Mechanical Problems and Questions
    I got a check engine light and had it read and it said cylinder 3 misfire. Could this be spark plug,? also which is number 3, 3rd from drivers side or 3rd from passengers side? Thanks a lot
1-4 of 4 Results