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  1. Manuals
    Hello so I have a 08 1.8 SXT and it is hard to put in and take out of gear and no matter where I put the knob it stalls even in neutral what could be the problem!!!! If anyone knows plz tell me thank you!!!
  2. Dodge Caliber General Discussion
    I found that when bleeding the clutch on my '08 Caliber if the system was open or if the brake fluid was low you must first get the air out of the master cylinder! The service manual says: NOTE: Do not allow clutch master cylinder to rundry while fluid exits bleed port. If master cylinderruns...
  3. Dodge Caliber Mechanical Problems and Questions
    I need to replace the window regulator motor on my caliber. I am surprised to find zero "how-to" video's on this. I've done this before, but not on this vehicle, so to save my self some time and from possibly breaking something, can somebody please provide me with a link to the user/repair...
  4. Dodge Caliber Interior Mods, Audio, Video
    One of things I've wanted to change out on my '10 Heat was the manual shift knob...the shape isn't particularly comfortable. Finally got off the couch and took care of that this morning, and though I'd document the process. There have been a few other threads about doing this that have...
  5. Manuals
    Here is the link where you can pull it up and then download it to your computer. The initial loading of the page takes around 5 minutes on an average broadband connection. Be patient. The download to your actual computer is around 10 seconds. Download button is the second symbol from the right...
  6. Manuals
  7. Manuals
  8. Manuals
    Removed file in pdf from Search other hosts current example
  9. Manuals There is a typo in the manual that specifies changing the timing belt in the 2.4L engine. None of the Caliber engines have a timing belt.
  10. Manuals
  11. Dodge Caliber Performance Mods - Engine - SXT, SE
    I have been talking to someone at torque solution and they are willing to make a short throw shifter for our cars but they need a car or at least a shifter itself for R&D... It's in North Palm Beach, FL. Maybe someone could swing by if they live near there. Or we could all collectively start...
  12. Manuals
    The file only covers 2007. For the most part, not much changed through the years, the 2007 service manual is accurate for over 90% of all years, and 100% on the engine: THE SERVICE MANUAL FILE NAME TO SEARCH FOR IS "2007-pm-sm.pdf" it is 5815 pages 135MB I was able to dl it Jul17 for our...
1-12 of 12 Results