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  1. Carbon Fiber Lamination Tutorial [Big pics, pls be patient]

    Dodge Caliber Interior Mods, Audio, Video
    Ok so first off I just want to point out that the info I am presenting here is not my own. I have no idea where I found this information, but when I did I thought it was a good idea to copy and paste it into a word file. I recently came across this long lost file and thought everyone here would...
  2. Brake and Rotor Install

    Maintenance and Repair DIYs
    i have searched and not found this posted so i thought i would put up a brake install how-to for those hesitant to attempt the maintenance. after the dealer quoted me at $4-500 for the front brakes i decided it was something i would try to do myself. what you need: 1/2" breaker bar 1/2"...
  3. Projector Headlights unit installation: complete how-to

    Lighting DIY
    As I have mentioned in Uh-ho... it starts, I have ordered a short antenna, SRT front grill emblem and new black + halo headlamp units for my SRT4, from Modern Performance. Delivery was very quick: within 4 days from across the states up to Montreal. Kudos. it actually caught me off-guard...