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  1. Dodge Caliber Exterior Mods - Body Mods, Body Kits
    Anyone know a good place to get a hood for the RT. Im trying to find one as cheap as possible, and that had a functional scoop. Any suggestions?
  2. Dodge Caliber General Discussion
    My dodge hood emblem (grill badge) is gone! I don't know where or when it came off or was removed but I need a new one. I can't seem to find one anywhere. I found an autobots one online but didn't know if it would fit. All i have is a place where the ram used to be. It would be awesome if I...
  3. Body Mods DIY
    Hood Deflector Mopar (Dodge) # 82209248 Price $97.17 (Local Dodge dealership) Some call it a bug deflector, bugs are not my concern. With the sloped nose of the Caliber, it should keep the stone chips down to a minimum. This should be used in conjunction to the “ikea type” directions...
1-3 of 3 Results