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  1. Dodge Caliber Interior, Exterior Lighting
    Hey guys Probably don't know me, long time lurker but this is my first or second question... I have a black caliber SE, halo projectors upfront, black altezzas in back, some under glow (rgb of course!) some interior glow (again rgb) custom grill, a few custom carbon fiber pieces inside, 7 inch...
  2. Dodge Caliber Interior, Exterior Lighting
    So Ive decided since i have the extended warranty, i would install my halos via toggle switch for now. Any suggestions on how to do this? Will doing this still void the warranty or mess up the tpim?
  3. Dodge Caliber Interior, Exterior Lighting
    Just wondering, has anyone installed HIDs in either the Spec-D or Anzo headlight assemblies for Dodge Calibers? If so, how? Below are the light assemblies I'm referring to: AnzoUSA 121287 Chrome Clear Projector Halo Headlight for Dodge Caliber Spec-D Dodge Caliber Led Halo Chrome Clear...
  4. Dodge Caliber Interior, Exterior Lighting
    I found these on ebay and i cant figure out much about them. Anyone know how these halos are?
  5. Dodge Caliber Interior, Exterior Lighting
    In about a week I will be installing a set of halo rings I bought from AAC. I haven't done much in the way of headlight modifications, but I do a bit of fab work at my job. I'm just wondering if anyone has any advice, warnings, tips, whatever before I get started on the install.
  6. Dodge Caliber Interior, Exterior Lighting
    Just installed the Altezza tail lights and the halo projection headlights. No pics at the moment cause I'm at work, but will post some soon. I had to modify the grooves for the lamps so that they would fit into the tail light fixtures. And for the headlights i actually had to take a grinder to...
  7. Dodge Caliber Interior, Exterior Lighting
    Ok so i am wanting to buy some halo lights with the chrome backgrounds and was wandering if anyone has bought some that are plug and play. I mean like not resistors i know i have to tap into the parking lights for the halos just don't want to mess with resistors.
  8. Lighting DIY
    Hi all, I just spent the weekend installing the blacked out, halo headlights on my Caliber. Let's just say a few expletives were said in getting the old ones out... EDIT (May 18, 2009): Put a bead of silicone around the seam where the clear plastic attaches to the black plastic. If not...
  9. halolights

  10. halo

    halo lights
1-10 of 11 Results