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  1. Dodge Caliber Mechanical Problems and Questions
    Hi to all members, I have an '06 Caliber SXT Sport CRD and have had no problems whatsoever until now. I noticed the other day that the engine juddered or stuttered when I had my foot lightly on the accelerator. This only happens under the following conditions: - Revs are between 1800 & 2500 -...
  2. Product Reviews
    Good afternoon Ladies & Gents, Hobby hunting the 3 Wix Oil filters. ( normally aspirated Calibers ) FYI, 073s part numbers were replaced by the vastly available 060s. The valve design is different. They are made in Gastonia N.C. USA. Enjoy Small video...
  3. Product Reviews
    Good evening Ladies & Gents, 1. Well, i finally was able to find one. As promised, here are the pictures attached to this thread. 2. The filter is quite heavy. About same weight as the Donaldson ( Amsoil Ea050 ) 3. Price was 11.43$ US 4. It's made in USA. :) 5. Bosch Distance Plus D3334...
  4. Maintenance and Repair DIYs
    IDK if anyone posted this but its a PDF containing the how to for cabin air filter.
  5. Dodge Caliber Performance Mods, Engine (Uptown)
    So i was laying under my new R/T just seeing where everything was and how they changed things from the neon platform. After seeing all the pictures of the intake setups for the Caliber, which all put the filter in the stock location allowing it to absorb engine bay heat. I was thinking...
  6. General Maintenance and Detailing Forum
    Do all Calibers have the compartment? If so do we have the option of putting a filter in and getting benefit from it?:fly2:
1-6 of 6 Results