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  1. Grill Badge - Hood Emblem GONE!

    Dodge Caliber General Discussion
    My dodge hood emblem (grill badge) is gone! I don't know where or when it came off or was removed but I need a new one. I can't seem to find one anywhere. I found an autobots one online but didn't know if it would fit. All i have is a place where the ram used to be. It would be awesome if I...
  2. Another one gone ..

    Dodge Caliber Exterior Mods - Body Mods, Body Kits
    At least we know the RAM medallion emblem is popular Anyone with a billet/transformer/mopar/modded grille have a spare they'd like to zap over?
  3. Simple mods

    Dodge Caliber Performance Mods - Engine - SXT, SE
    Hello all new to modding my car and i was wondering if this steering wheel emblem would fit the regular SXT steering wheel. I'm purchasing the front and rear car emblems of the decepticons and was just wondering if the steering wheel one would fit. will post pix after words. thanks all...
  4. Emblems

    Dodge Caliber Exterior Mods - Body Mods, Body Kits
    Do any emblems from the other dodge vehicles, ie. avenger, magnum, charger, fit the caliber? I found some batman emblems but non for the caliber.
  5. Blacked Out Grille on a Red Caliber

    Dodge Caliber Exterior Mods - Body Mods, Body Kits
    So I wanted to know what a Black Grille from an SE would look like on an Inferno Red Caliber. So I photo-chopped it (Maybe this belongs in the photo-chop section, but it's not to extreme of a chop) I decide to black out the wheels and the emblem as well. I like it, what do others think, oh and...
  6. Front emblem glue solution?

    Dodge Caliber Exterior Mods - Body Mods, Body Kits
    So, I got my front SRT emblem to stick in the front grill but the clips seem rather flimsy. Feels like it's a pinch away from being stolen. Has anyone ever used glue to keep those on? What would be your suggestion? I was thinking of PVC piping glue but before I make a mess, wanted to chime in...