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  1. Speed Sensors

    Dodge Caliber Mechanical Problems and Questions
    Anybody have a tutorial on how to replace a speed sensor on an AWD 2007 Caliber 2.4L?????
  2. new owner of an 08 sxt, ready to be a DIY-er!

    New Member Introductions
    Hey all! My fiance and I just got our 2008 Caliber SXT in November and we're excited to learn all about this car so we can take care of it ourselves without depending on pricey mechanics (With a little help from you all here, of course). Message me with any helpful tips or just as an intro, we'd...
  3. TIPM workaround or DIY TIPM replacement

    Dodge Caliber Electrical Problems and Questions
    Like many of us, my driver side low beam is out, high beams work, my TIPM is crapping out on me and I don't want spend the $900 to replace it. My mechanic, a trustworthy one, informs me that the TIPM is corroded and needs to be replaced. So resetting it or flashing won't do a thing at this...
  4. DIY Caliber Spark Plug Change

    Maintenance and Repair DIYs
    __Spark Plugs__ Total time: Approx 20 mins Things you will need -4 Spark plugs (Your choice, I used Bosch Platinum +4) 5/8” Spark plug socket -Gaping tool (Only needed for spark plus with a single prong) -Socket Wrench -10” socket extension - 1 star/torx bit (not sure on the exact size)...
  5. Interesting video of halo headlight install.

    Lighting DIY
    hi guys, here's a vid i found on youtube i thought might come in use for somebody who was thinking of installing new headlights. don't know if someone else posted this already, havn't been around in awhile, was movin house so i was kept busy lol! anyway back now:wavey...
  6. Power block mod

    Lighting DIY
    Ok so I am planning on installing some emergency lights on the ride for work since I sometimes shoot radar from an unmarked car I didn't want a bunch of toggle switches mounted everywhere so I opted this route. Step one rip the console apart for wire routing Step 2 remove said console for work...
  7. CB Install

    Car Audio/Video DIY
    I installed a CB radio in my '09 SXT for traffic and bear updates when I'm on the road ... an invaluable tool if you do any travelling at all. Please keep in mind that I had to get this done with a deadline since I was leaving on an eight-day road trip. There are some parts of this install...
  8. Speaker install-Front 6x9s

    Car Audio/Video DIY
    I installed new 6x9's in the front door today and wanted to post my steps on the install. I know that other members have posted their installs, but I wanted to show how I did the wiring. I first did a search on the forums to find out which wires were negative, and which were positive in the...
  9. Installing a Uconnect Bluetooth for RES head

    Car Audio/Video DIY
    Greetings, My Caliber SXT came with the RES radio that has uconnect buttons. The uconnect module did not come with the car and I installed one. Since I did not see the details on how to do this in the forum, I decided to put in a description of what I did. 1 - I bought the part number...
  10. Spark Plug Replacement Instructions

    Maintenance and Repair DIYs
    I downloaded this pdf from somewhere a while ago. Not sure where. Maybe here, don't know. But this pdf shows how simple the job is. Took me only 20 minutes.;) UPDATE: One of our members has done a great DIY:
  11. Bezel/Trim Painting & Illumination Mod(s)

    Car Audio/Video DIY
    First and Foremost! P7 What is P7? You ask. P7 = Proper Prior Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance! Make sure you have the right tools and the right equipment to use those tools. It's all well and good to have a can of paint, but if you don't clean and prep the surface you're painting...
  12. Tinted tails done ...

    Lighting DIY
    I bought the Nightshades paint from Modern Performance earlier this month and did a quick and easy mod. Removing the tails is quite easy; just open the back hatch, take out the two plugs holding the taillights in the jam, carefully struggle to pull the damn thing out from the two pressure...
  13. MyGig install v.3 - How to (Episode 1)

    Car Audio/Video DIY
    Theory: When I first started researching what options I wanted in my CSRT-4, I decided early on that I wanted a MyGig/Uconnect Studio. I have 200gig of mp3 music on my home computer and haven't hardly used cd's in 6 years; I just buy them and rip them. I had a 20gig Phatbox in my Jetta and an...
  14. Caliber Cabin Air Filter Install

    Maintenance and Repair DIYs
    IDK if anyone posted this but its a PDF containing the how to for cabin air filter.
  15. Installing Lighted Window Switches

    Lighting DIY
    INSTALLATION OF LIGHTED WINDOW SWITCHES FOR THE DODGE CALIBER. Part 1 By Darren Grantham aka. Raven Ghostwolf The switches I used are for a 2007 Dodge Charger you will need; 1 drivers door switch P/N 04602780AA. List price I paid $39.75. 3 rear passenger door switches P/N 04602787AA. List...
  16. How To: Run wires through your center console

    Car Audio/Video DIY
    Hi all, the other day I found out my XM radio fits perfectly in the media dock on the center console, and decided to figure out how to run wires through the console so it could still open and close, but at the same time hide my wires. This is my first time doing something like this, but I...
  17. Custom Double Din Install

    Car Audio/Video DIY
    This is my 1st post. I thought I would share with you guys some pics of my Kenwood DDX7015 double din install. I started yesterday. The pics are of what was completed in 1 day. I have to do some final touchups tomorrow. I will post pics of the final pics with them installed. I will be installing...
  18. REC install w/ Pictures

    Car Audio/Video DIY
    Yesterday I got my REC navigation unit installed works great, it was very easy and cost me $978 shipped vs the $2399 the dealer wanted. Parts came from United Radio and Shores Electronics below are the steps I took. Step 1: Disconnect NEG batt terminal. Remove shift knob, there is a small clip...
  19. DIY Rec NAV Radio Install

    Car Audio/Video DIY
    A guy by the internet name of Fingernipp has done an excellent PDF file showing you all the things you need to do with pictures. See attached pdf file by Prop1.