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cvt replacement
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  1. Dodge Caliber Performance Mods - Engine - SXT, SE
    I was looking on the forum and found that no has asked about swaping transmissions, either that or i just wasnt looking in the right spot. I was wanting to know if I had a dealership swap out my CVT for a 5spd how much would it run and be brutally honest with me, I know you guys are probably...
  2. Dodge Caliber General Discussion
    I know I havent posted in a while and I know I should have as Ive had some serious "first time" issues with my R/T ... but the latest takes it all. I have about 40000KM on it now and at about the 15000KM mark I took the car in for a few other complaints but one of them was that I complained...
1-2 of 2 Results