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  1. New to the Forums just saying Hello!

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    Hey guys just recenty picked up a 2008 CSRT-4 and am looking forward to hearing about all the work you guys have done and seeing some of these cars all dressed up. Shout out if you have any reccomendations that you guys found worked well as I have a bone stock model and am looking to mod it a...
  2. Not the forums

    New Member Introductions
    Hey I'm new to the forums but I'm excited to get started and learn a bunch more knowledge about different mods to my CSRT4, as of right now all I've done is tinted the windows and put on window covers., I'm currently thinking about doing the exhaust though so if anyone has any suggestions let me...
  3. CSRT4: How-to: Internal wiring of gauges & clamp and power tapping

    Performance DIY
    This how-to is part 2 of three of the grander scheme of installing - Aeroforce Scangauge - RealTune Map/Tip Clamp - AEM AFR UEGO Part 1, Running wiring harnesses from cabin to engine bay, posted previously, lays out the details of running the wiring from the cabin to the engine bay. In this...
  4. CSRT4: How-to: Running wiring harnesses from cabin to engine bay

    Dodge Caliber KNOWLEDGE BASE
    I have a few parallel projects under way: AEM AFR UEGO, RT Clamp and a Scangauge (still in the mail) which will be hooked to the clamp for proper boost reading. While I'm not ready to publish my photos of the whole project, today I fabricated some wiring harnesses to run them from the engine...