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  1. PLEASE HELP!2007 Caliber Headlights & Cd Player Malfunctioning!Dont Know What to do??

    Dodge Caliber Electrical Problems and Questions
    Hey there so i have a 2007 Caliber not the SXT, the basic model and for about the past 3 months my passenger side headlight wasnt working, unless i put my brights on then it would work. Welll eventually i bought two new bulbs and replaced the old ones except now neither head light worked unless...
  2. Finally installed my head unit and other stuff.

    Dodge Caliber Interior Mods, Audio, Video
    After about a month of debating i finally ordered and installed my new head unit from Crutchfield. FYI Crutchfield is a life save they are awesome. anyways I was debating on whether or not i could do it or if i should have some one do it but finally after reading countless post i decided to give...
  3. Where to purchase factory radio/cd player

    Dodge Caliber General Discussion
    When I bought my 2007 Caliber three years ago it had the basic radio and single cd player with the audio input jack on the front. I wanted to up grade a bit so I purchased the model with the 6 disk changer and the more detailed radio station info. I had a less than satisfactory experience...