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  1. Automotive Industry News and Dodge Press Releases Their Fighter model used the Viper SRT10 engine, top speed more than 200mph, 0 to 60mph in less than four seconds. The Fighter T with a twin-turbocharged V10 engine...
  2. Europe
    Dodge started operating in the UK in 1922. After the war Dodge UK production focused on commercials with the cars being imported from Canada and then Australia. With Chrysler's bankruptcy the International operations were sold off with the final Dodge vehicles being built in the early 1990s by...
  3. Europe
    UK car data is published monthly for the ten best selling cars and fifty brands/marques. Top 10 car sales, January 2009 Top ten best sellers January Ford 1 Fiesta 8,833 (best seller for third month) (same as Mazda 2 Demio Festiva) Ford 2 Focus 5,805 GM 3 Corsa 4,550 GM 4 Astra...
1-3 of 3 Results