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  1. Automotive Industry News and Dodge Press Releases
    Most dramatic period for Auto Industry in recent times with incredible monthly fluctuations through clunkers, bankruptcy, and shutdowns. Averaged over the full year system is stabilising. U.S. Light Vehicle Sales by company (Rank) Group %YoY 2010 move 2009 (1) GM -2% 2220221 - 2271838 (2)...
  2. Automotive Industry News and Dodge Press Releases
    AP breaking a story about Chrysler's sales, relates to several threads so I'm putting this in on it's own. Covers MY11 Caliber life, behind the numbers, Retail Dealers, product development, incentives, buying, pricing ... extracts below but linked [AP] August 7, 2010 Chrysler sales rise but...
  3. CaliberForumZ Polls!
    i looked through these polls and couldnt find anything about gas... so i thought i'd post something lol. so, here ya go. i added a poll, but these are my top 3: 1. Chevron 2. Shell 3. Mobil I know there are a lot of Canadians on the forum, so i apologize if i dont have any brands up there in...
1-3 of 3 Results