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  1. Pick-up tailgates

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    Are these losing their brand lettering ? What gives, is this a fashion thing? Who's in, did Chevrolet go over to the bowtie logo like the front?
  2. Chrysler models' performance

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    Annual totals by model from 2006 here Rankings for last month with new brand structure Chrysler LLC U.S. Sales Summary Thru January 2010 D-J-C Sales for January US [Rank] Model 2010 _ Rank _ 2009 _ Rank _ 2008 _...
  3. Who makes the tires ??

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    Looking into Uniroyals I was amazed at the extraordinary consolidation that has taken place in fairly recent history - every country and state used to have it's own brands of tires. These are the players Top Tire Manufacturers in the World by Sales Volume - '06 Vs. '05 Tires now carry a two...