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  1. Dodge Caliber Mechanical Problems and Questions
    Asked about high ride, mechanic said it would lower by itself and come back for alignment. Ignorant, waited for months, no lowering, now tires ruined. What is the cause? Documents say camber not adjustable. Mechanic says part was correct model but just defective. They offered to put in new...
  2. Dodge Caliber Mechanical Problems and Questions
    The rear tires are tipping in, and I can't seem to find any obvious worn/loose bushings. The rear has had a squeak for along time, but the way the suspension is put together, I figured it was just a natural bind.... I don't see the adjustment for the rear camber, unless it is the one center bar...
  3. Dodge Caliber Mechanical Problems and Questions
    Im taking the cali in tomorrow for a few things.. 1. At least ONE of my motor mounts are shot. I an rock the engine back and forth a good 2-3 inches by hand, and at idle the car shakes quite a bit. Also, shifting is a tad sloppy and jerky. 2. I possibly have an oil leak from the oil pan. Their...
  4. Dodge Caliber Mechanical Problems and Questions
    I recently had some body work done to my 2008 Caliber SXT that involved pulling the front fascia, and passenger side headlight. Despite all my effort the headlight enclosure doesn't seem to fit in as well as before it was removed. Its only off by about 3/16ths of a inch so I figure I'll just...
  5. Dodge Caliber Mechanical Problems and Questions
    My 2009 Caliber has pulled to the left since day one. I have had it at the dealer for an alignment and they said it was off slightly and supposedly corrected it, but it made no difference. If I'm on the local two lane divided highway in the right hand lane, it will pull right over the crown in...
  6. Dodge Caliber Mechanical Problems and Questions
    i just had a 4 wheel alignment done and it still pulls to the right and after investigating a little it seems to only pull bad when in gear and driving if im coasting it seems to go straight what would cause this, it's had a pull to the right for a while now and thought the alignment would fix it.
1-6 of 6 Results