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  1. Auto shop refuses to acknowledge wiring issue?

    Dodge Caliber Electrical Problems and Questions
    Hi folks! I have a 2010 SXT. About two years ago, I had the misfortune of running into a tire (on the rim) on the fwy. I told the shop that after that happened, weird stuff was going on with my car: AC won’t run at all if I turn the knob to Max, passenger side window cannot be controlled from...
  2. Air conditioner clogged

    New Member Introductions
    I have water on the floor in the front passenger seat. I believe it is because the air conditioning is clogged but I can't find the drain hose. Is it under the dash?
  3. Air Conditioner Problem - Recirculation button?

    Dodge Caliber Electrical Problems and Questions
    I have and 2007 Caliber STX and the AC seems to work when the car is stopped, once I get going and driving feels like warm outside air is coming in, my cold air bye bye. The recirculation button does light on but it feels like the vent is not closed to keep that warm air out. Any ideas?
  4. 2008 Caliber SE will not take A/C Charge

    Dodge Caliber Mechanical Problems and Questions
    I live in Phoenix Az and my 2008 Caliber will not take an AC (re)charge; low side it reads about 10-15 psi per service manual it should 46-70 psi. Attempting to use "Arctic Freeze Ultra Synthetic Refrigerant 134a+" from O'Reilly's. The heater blows warm after I went for a quick errand then...
  5. Is it just me

    Dodge Caliber General Discussion
    So today I decide to take my car out for a spin. This weekend has been much cooler and I haven't had to use the a/c. I go to do a 0-60 test cuz of the cooler air today and it seems much faster than usual (2-3 seconds). I know in colder air motors will run better but i'm not sure it would be that...
  6. Problem?

    Dodge Caliber General Discussion
    So today I was sitting in my car with the engine running and the car in park while my girlfriend ran into the store. All of a sudden the car would slightly shake and the RPMS would drop 150-200 RPMS and feel like its going to stall but doesnt and then quickly shoots back up to where it was. It...
  7. Air conditioning compressor not working

    Dodge Caliber Mechanical Problems and Questions
    ok, some dummy accidently pulled the sensor off the air conditioning compressor while replacing the alternator,,,, lots of oil and freon. Hey,,, it was dark... Replaced sensor, freon,, and yes the bad alternator, however the air conditioning still does not work. Any experts out there that can...
  8. Ambient sensor and fuse question

    Dodge Caliber Electrical Problems and Questions
    I have a 2007 dodge caliber. My air conditioner does not work. I had it checked before I knew the AC did not work and found out my ambient sensor was broke. I did not fix it, then I saw on here that if my ambient sensor did not work that it could cause my ac not to work, so I replaced the...
  9. Air Conditioner leaking inside car

    Dodge Caliber Mechanical Problems and Questions
    It looks like my car is leaking inside, the fluiids from the AC are not draining outside. Aybody see this problem in your car? When I turn a corner the passenger's feet or my feet get soaked.
  10. Broken Air Vent - PICS!

    Dodge Caliber Mechanical Problems and Questions
    My passenger side air vent is broken the little wheel that moves the vent side to side fell out. I have the wheel it fell all the way out of the dash board. Does anyone know how to put it back in?