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    Saved Caliber

    So I bought this one in February of 2020 with a preexisting trans issue of the countershaft and bearing going out and making an awful whining noise. I managed to be able to get another 15,000 miles or so out of it until the bearing finally exploded. Unfortunately getting a whole used trans would...
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    I created an account just to post this lol This is my first dodge I've ever owned, and I'm struggling here. I've replaced the water pump, spark plugs, thermostat housing oring, starter, battery, radiator cap, fuses, the 4 relays in the mythical relay block below the drivers side headlight...
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    Hey just posting some pics of our caliber.It was completely stock until I started doing subtle things to it.I have been taking my time and not just sticking every part on it like some people do.I'm trying to get a nice aggressive look to it. Here is what I did so far. Tinted taillights custom...