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Forum News and Announcements

Latest news and announcements regarding the forum.
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Automotive Industry News and Dodge Press Releases

News regarding the new Dodge Caliber, and other industry info. Post it here!
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New Member Introductions

New to the forums? Introduce yourself here! - Please do not ask any questions in this forum, post your questions in the proper forum below.
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Dodge Caliber And SRT4 Forum - Caliber Discussion

Dodge Caliber General Discussion

Discussion for all trim levels.
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Dodge Caliber SRT4 General Discussion

Discuss the awesome new Dodge Caliber SRT4 subcompact killer! Want to Dominate those Ricers! This is your ride!
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Dodge Caliber Review - Owners

This is where Dodge Caliber Owners can post Owner Reviews to help others evaluate the vehicle.
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CaliberForumZ Polls!

Get your vote on!
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Dodge Caliber, SRT4 Mod Zone - Mods, Performance Ready to start modifying your Caliber, or see what modifications others have done? This is the place!

Dodge Caliber Performance Mods, Engine, SRT4

Discuss modifying the Caliber SRT4 here. Factory specs - Turbocharged 285hp 2.4L I4 with 260 lb-ft of torque.
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Dodge Caliber Performance Mods, Engine (Uptown)

Discuss modifying your Caliber R/T (Uptown) here. Factory Specs - 173hp 2.4L I4 with 166 lb-ft of torque.
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Dodge Caliber Performance Mods - Engine - SXT, SE

Discuss modifying your Caliber SE, SXT, or Sport (Express/Heat/Mainstreet) here. Factory Specs - 148hp 1.8L I4 with 125 lb-ft of torque. Factory Specs - 158hp 2.0L I4 with 141 lb-ft of torque.
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Dodge Caliber Diesel

Discuss the Euro Diesel Model here.
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Dodge Caliber Chassis, Suspension, Wheels, Tires

Discuss everything related to the above in here. Lowering Springs, brakes etc. Covers all models of the Caliber.
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Dodge Caliber Exterior Mods - Body Mods, Body Kits

All mods on the outside of your Dodge Caliber. Custom Dodge Caliber Body Kits, Custom Paint, Grilles, Shaving, Debadging, Aftermarket Parts, etc.
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Dodge Caliber Interior Mods, Audio, Video

All mods on the interior of your Dodge Caliber. Stereo mods, electronics, shift knobs, upholstery, trim panels, etc.
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Dodge Caliber Interior, Exterior Lighting

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Dodge Caliber Help Zone - Problems And Complaints If you have questions, problems, or have complaints with your Dodge Caliber and are looking for answers. This is the place to find them!


Here you'll find Owners Manuals and Service Manuals for our Calibers!
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Dodge Caliber Recalls and TSB's

Discuss any Dodge Caliber Recall info or Technical Service Bulletins - TSB's - in this forum! (Please register to view this forum.) We have a comprehensive list of all Dodge Caliber TSB's. Free for our members!
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Dodge Caliber Mechanical Problems and Questions

Discuss any Dodge Caliber mechanical problems/questions in this forum. Engine, trans, supension, body, interior moving parts, interior/exterior trim panels, etc.
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Dodge Caliber Electrical Problems and Questions

Discuss any Dodge Caliber interior/exterior electrical problems/questions in this forum. Lighting, stereo, power windows, etc.
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General Maintenance and Detailing Forum

Keeping your Caliber Maintained, Wax on, Wax off! Chat about anything that gives you Carpal Tunnel or Tennis Elbow in here! ;)
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Dodge Caliber Dealer Issues

Have you had a good experience with your Dodge Caliber Dealer? Had a bad one? Let us know about it in here!
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Here you can find owner submitted how-to's for performing various mods to your Calibers!
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Product Reviews

Have you found a great product, or a really bad one and you just need to tell someone about it! Post up a review for the benefit of all!
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Dodge Caliber Forums - Media Zone

Dodge Caliber Photos

Post pics of your new Dodge Caliber here, or check them out in our Picture Gallery! All registered members can have their own album in the gallery.
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Dodge Caliber Videos

Post links to cool Dodge Caliber Videos here!
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Dodge Caliber PhotoChops

Post your crazy photoshop edited graphics and such in here. Want to see wheels or a new custom paint job on your Dodge Caliber? Ask for help here!
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Dodge Caliber & SRT4 - Buy - Sell - Trade

Dodge Caliber For Sale

Post only cars for sale in this forum! - Private Member Sales only!
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Dodge Caliber Accessories For Sale - Trade

Post your parts for sale in here.
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Miscellaneous For Sale

Post anything you have for sale in here that is not related to the Dodge Caliber.
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SIGS - Special Interest Groups

HeelZ and WheelZ

A place for the Ladies! Click the badge to the right to request membership>>
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Special Interest Group for members of all branches of the military, active duty or retired. - Click the badge to the right to request membership>>
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Public Safety

Special Interest Group for Police/Law Enforcement, Fire, and EMS Personnel! - - Click the badge to the right to request membership>>
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Vendor Deals

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Dodge Caliber Forums - Off Topic

Other Vehicle Discussion

Chat about other cars in here!
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