I changed my regular cd-player to mygig REW ( RER in US ) with lockpick adapter. It worked like it should in 2008 Caliber.

Then I wanted to upgrade the system further and changed boston amps to Match pp86dsp and rainbow dream sub amp. Boy those speakers got a new life and sound fantastic with dsp adjustments and bigger and better amps.

BUT. Sometimes it works so that I can only get rear sound and hell of a loud ( luckily have volume control to match too to turn it down ). This is caused by the canbus info from car to REW. That tells that there is oem amp present. And then regular speaker outputs of unit turn to balanced outputs ( only rear ) and volume and balance should be handled via can bus commands to amp. That is no longer there.

I do not know why randomly it works ok ( car does NOT say via canbus that it has amp ) and randomly not ( car saying it has amp ). Any solutions? Can this be turned OFF by dealer? Or what to do?