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    alarm kept going off - new battery kept being drained - fuses checked ok - now can't lock or unlock doors -any ideas please? I'm sure something electrical going wrong - diagnostics machine couldn't find what was draining battery please help have disabled granddaughter I have to drive around - thanks from uk sorry it's a 2008 caliber not 2009

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    Check all the wiring too and from the main computer TIPM under the hood beside the battery tray. Need to remove battery and tray, remove drivers side headlight and inner fender splash liner.

    There is a sharp edge at the end of the inner fender that the main wiring loom goes around and rubs thru and shorts a few wires together, random wires whichever are closest to the edge.

    Lots of us have had this issue which made random unthinkable things happen to the cars electrical systems.

    I had to cut and re solder two wires and re wrap them. Also put a heavy nylon sheath around the whole wire loom at that point to prevent it from rubbing again.

    First place to check on these cars for any electrical problems.
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