Intermittent ETC light
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    Default Intermittent ETC light

    Looking for a little assistance. The ETC light popped on shortly after start up about 2 months ago. It started running super rough, I assume it went into limp mode, so i turned it off and started it again and didn't have trouble with it again until about 2 weeks ago. It started studdering for lack of a better description. When rolling into the throttle it would studder once and then be fine. This got more frequent until the ETC light came on with it once. So i pulled codes (in hind sight i should have done that sooner) got a P2112 and P2110 code. Cleaned the throttle body with no luck so i pulled it off to take a closer look and it seems fine. No excessive play or hanging up. I guess my question is, is it possible that it is something other than the throttle body causing the codes? I don't wanna spend the couple hundred dollars on a throttle body to find out the PCM or a position sensor is the problem.

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    Hi Cam,
    I'm having a problem with similar indications. About six months ago after a short drive and parking for about 20 minutes when I started the car the red light came on and the car went into limp mode and the red light went on and off intermittently. The next day after a short test drive the light came on momentarily and then the problem seemed to disappear. I assumed that there had been a bit of water in the fuel as I could think of nothing else. Last week the light briefly came on as I was coming to a stop with accompanying engine roughness and then went off. It's happened several times since but always as I've been coming to a stop. It seems as though the transmission is not going into neutral as soon as it should. This may not be related to the problem you're having but I'm posting in case it's relevant.
    Jim F.

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