07 Caliber R/T AWD - Massachusetts
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    Default 07 Caliber R/T AWD - Massachusetts

    ((this ad is copied directly from my CraigsList ad))20160609_170859.jpg20160609_162837.jpg20160609_170851.jpg20160609_170829.jpg20160609_170815.jpg20160609_163005.jpg20160609_170755.jpg20160609_170929.jpg20160609_163127.jpg20160609_163133.jpg

    2007 Dodge Caliber R/T ALL-WHEEL-DRIVE

    2.4L (4-cyl.) DUAL VVT Engine (Dual Over-Head Cam)
    Automatic Transmission with Auto-Stick

    This car has about 162k, new tires, new battery, and runs perfect. Donít let the mileage fool you. This car has a lot of new parts, and just about every known issue with Calibers has been taken care of on this vehicle. If youíre looking for a Caliber, this is the one. You wonít find a cleaner one around. Itís been professionally detailed inside and out (no pets, no smoking), and dry underneath, no leaks.
    Engine: Very strong, always changed oil regularly w/ full-synthetic and good quality filters.
    Transmission: Brand new, replaced by Dodge dealer, old one broke without warning, (cost me over $4000 out of pocket), now has updated transmission with stronger internals.
    Rear Suspension: Replaced non-adjustable stock suspension with MOOG aftermarket adjustable parts so rear tires wonít wear out prematurely.
    Front Suspension: New control-arms / bushings / ball joints.
    Tires: Only about 7,500 miles on very nice set of Michelin tires, (cost me over $800).
    Battery: New, purchased earlier this year.
    Brakes: Fairly new, replaced all pads and rotors in the past year or so.
    Air Filter: K&N (1,000,000 mile warranty), you wonít ever have to buy a new air filter.

    Asking $4,800

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    This car has been sold!

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